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San Marcos, TX


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Our mission is to make quality yoga accessible to a wider and more diverse audience.  We full heartedly believe in, and have ourselves experienced, the benefits that the various practices of yoga can bring into one's life.  Due to this, it is our commitment to bring quality yoga into our community.   ​​

Through the support of our community we offer a variety of styles of yoga instruction in heated and non-heated environments.

Classes are held throughout the day so that you can find the right class to fit your schedule.  Here at Shine On, we offer different events and workshops along with volunteer opportunities outside of the studio to expand and put into practice our growing knowledge of and experience in yoga.

We are glad to be here with you.  

Remember to Shine On!  
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Teacher Training​
With a focus on creating opportunity for you, Camp Utopia has been offering life changing, wisdom packed trainings since 2009.  Click the banner to see our schedule, pricing, how to sign-up, and to view where our post graduates are now!
    The Yoga You Need    ​

    9:00 - 10:00    
It shouldn't have to hurt to stop hurting.
The Yoga You Need™ is not the lazy way. It's not "easy." It works best when practiced regularly, and requires some effort, but not pain. The poses, the sequences, and the confident explanations of what to do and why provide maximum impact with minimal risk.